Sticking to the script on climate change

At the recent White House screening of his documentary, Before the Flood, Leo DiCaprio declared, “If you don’t believe in climate change, you don’t believe in facts, and science, and empirical truths ... in my humble opinion, [you] should not be allowed to hold public office.” 

Many lauded the actor for making such a bold statement, but as it turns out, he may have just been following a script written by the good folks working for billionaire-investor-turned-“environmentalist” Tom Steyer.

Last week, WikiLeaks released another batch of hacked emails, including one sent to longtime Clinton advisor, John Podesta, from Chris Lehane, a Democratic strategist and Steyer confidant, which read, “TS [Tom Steyer] may have sent you this doc last night — but believe he may have sent a slightly earlier draft so please use this one.”

Attached to the email was a nine-page memo entitled “CLIMATE: A UNIFYINF (sic) THEORY TO THE CASE, which outlines a climate change strategy which, in their words, “must … be based on an approach that fundamentally recognizes the mission as an exercise in political social change."   

Among the recommended talking points was this now familiar statement: “You either believe in basic science or you are against basic science—in which case you fail a basic requirement for being capable of occupying public office.”

So while Leo deserves credit for his impassioned delivery, it might be an overreach to give him credit for the script.