Podesta engages “Environmental Activist Complex” to persecute Clean Power Plan opponent

Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta—enraged by opposition from Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe to the Clean Power Plan—told billionaire pal Tom Steyer to sic Bill McKibben’s student activists on the professor, according to a new Wikileak email released today.


In a stunning display of collusion, Podesta asked Tom Steyer to “get your pall [sic] [Bill] McKibben to organize Harvard student protests against” Tribe. Bill McKibben’s 350.org group has a long history of using students to pressure academics, and Podesta clearly wanted Steyer to use his pull to arrange on-campus harassment of the professor, who had the gall to go against the Administration’s agenda. Steyer responded that he was “on it.”


Unfortunately, this is far from the first time that environmental activists, politicians, and billionaires like Steyer have colluded to intimidate and suppress opponents’ freedom of speech. One need look no further than the much-derided AGs’ witch hunt against Exxon Mobil, which activists war gamed as far back as 2012.


Stay tuned for more news of how the Environmental Activist Complex is conspiring behind closed doors to influence public policy.