Pokemon Go(es) Thanks to Petchems

Every day, more than 9 million people—most of them Millennials who haven’t played outdoors since Obama was first elected—grab their iPhones and their water bottles and head outdoors in search of Pokemon.

The pursuit of these little monsters, which can only be seen on a phone or other mobile devices, has resulted in a few injuries, which is not surprising considering the kids are actually viewing the world through the equivalent of the camera feature on their phone. Making thigs worse is that fact that many of these kids just aren’t used to being out in the sunshine, which can be disorienting to the uninitiated.

But even if a few kids are walking off cliffs or into traffic, the net effect is that an entire generation is getting more exercise than ever before. According to HealthFitnessRevolution.com, “One overweight member of Reddit’s new Pokemon Go Fitness community walked 4 miles in the first day playing the game: “I haven’t done major walking like that in years, especially deliberately, and I feel great.”

It’s heartening to see that there is an online app that can inspire an entire generation to play outside. And it’s gratifying to realize that none of that could have happened without petchems. The fact is, if we “keep it in the ground,” we wouldn’t have cell phones, or water bottles, or even the GPS system needed to play Pokemon Go because we wouldn’t have satellites.

So the next time a Millennial tries to tell you about the benefits of keeping oil and natural gas in the ground, ask them if they play Pokemon Go.