Divestment Proponents’ Dirty Secret

Divestment activists are a lot like self-righteous vegetarians who eat bacon cheeseburgers when no one is looking.

They call on others to divest from oil and natural gas and to “keep it in the ground, but they don’t—and frankly they can’t—practice what they preach.

They buy gasoline to drive to anti-oil rallies which they coordinate using their laptops. They record their protests on their phones; use pens to gather signatures; and sport faux-leather shoes and sunglasses … and all of these products are made from petrochemicals derived from oil and gas. Even the solar panels and wind turbines they agitate for are derived from oil and gas.

And that’s the inconvenient truth of the divestment movement: they happily encourage others to sacrifice income, health, opportunities, and convenience to help them reach their political goals … but they don’t practice what they so shrilly preach.