Meet the Anti-pipeline “Water Protectors,” Part I: Vandalism, Arson, and Animal Abuse

Millions of people donated money, “checked in at Standing Rock,” and otherwise sought to show solidarity for the “water protectors” protesting against the Dakota Access pipeline. But revelations continue to show that these activists are not the peaceful environmentalists they pretend to be.


They’re not friends of the environment …

Photo: North Dakota Joint Information Center

Photo: North Dakota Joint Information Center

You could say that the #NoDAPL protesters left a mess behind. Or you could say they left an environmental disaster, which may well succeed in polluting the very water they were ostensibly there to protect. After all, over 48 million pounds of garbage goes well beyond the parameters of a “mess.”

That’s right, these “environmentalists” left behind 48 million pounds of trash—vehicles, human waste, tents, food, etc. And all of this garbage was left in a flood plain that washes right into the Cannonball River. As North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum noted, “This is probably the biggest ecological mess on the entire Missouri River system from top to bottom in this country.”

And North Dakota taxpayers are footing the bill, which includes $1 million to a Florida contractor to help clean up this enormous mess before spring flooding hits. 

Protesters also left potentially pest-infested firewood that could decimate North Dakota’s forests. Officials have “spent at least 200 hours on this issue alone and anticipates an additional 6-10 day cleanup effort once grounds are accessible to try to prevent the spread of these pests into North Dakota come spring thaw.”

And on their way out of the camp, protesters set fire to shelters and a vehicle, creating even more environmental destruction (and also resulting in two children being burned).

It’s worth noting that “green” groups and celebrities aren’t denouncing the ecological destruction or donating funds to help clean up the mess their friends made.


… Nor of animals

But garbage and their claims to environmentalism aren’t the only things protesters abandoned.

When cleanup crews shifted into high gear after the protesters left, they found at least two dogs and six puppies that had been abandoned amidst the snow and trash. According to the local Fox affiliate, “The two dogs that they've save have shown symptoms of being out in the North Dakotan weather with frost bit ears and patchy fur.” And once again it’s the locals who are cleaning up after these out-of-state extremists, with a local animal shelter caring for these dogs while continuing to look for additional abandoned pets.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only instance of protesters mistreating animals. According to the North Dakota Department of Agriculture, #NoDAPL protesters injured 34 livestock, with another 23 killed or missing.

In Part II, we’ll look at how these protesters have treated humans (spoiler: not much better than the animals and environment), and how these protesters plan to bring their brand of destruction and crime to numerous sites nationwide.