#GetOverIt with Petrochemicals

Today is #NationalGetOverItDay. The day to get over any minor (or major) gripes that are draining your energy, time, and/or equilibrium.

And as usual, petrochemicals can help. Some of the best recommendations for getting over a breakup, disappointment, or pet peeve wouldn’t be possible without petrochemicals.

  1. Exercise. Everyone knows that a good workout can lift your mood, calm your temper, boost your energy, and just generally help you #GetOverIt. But did you know that exercise equipment—from running shoes to stability balls—are made from petrochemicals?
  2. Connect with loved ones. Whether it’s a sympathetic ear, a supportive comment, or just hearing your best friend’s voice … research shows that a strong support network is key to maintaining mental health and recovering from life’s slings and arrows. But given our busy lives, we often don’t have time to physically meet in person with our loved ones. Luckily petrochemicals have made cell phones and laptops possible, so we can easily call or Skype with our bestie or family at any given moment. And sometimes that’s what you need to #GetOverIt.
  3. Get out of town. Physical distance can lead to emotional distance. After a breakup, loss, or disappointment, a road trip or European adventure can do wonders to help you #GetOverIt. And in addition to creating the gas or jet fuel to make travel possible, oil and gas products go into the seat belts, air bags, and numerous other mechanisms that help us get safely from point A to point B.
  4. Spend some time with Muttly. Last but certainly not least, sometimes what helps you #GetOverIt is right now drooling on your best shoes. Spending time with your pet has well-researched benefits for your mood and ability to cope with stress. And from chew toys to Frisbees to the dreaded Furminator, petrochemicals help you spend quality time with your fur baby.

So whatever method you choose to help you #GetOverIt, petrochemicals are there to help!