Ecoterrorists among Extremists in the Anti-Pipeline Movement

Extremists in the anti-pipeline movement have vowed to put their “bodies on the line” and “do whatever it is we have to do” to stop pipeline development. But much like other “Keep It in the Ground”  activists, it’s unlikely that many of them have given any serious thought to the real-world consequences of their slogans. If these extremists actually succeeded in keeping oil and natural gas in the ground, life as they know it would come to a screeching halt.

But there are some in the anti-oil movement for whom the complete destruction of modern society is not just an unintended consequence of their warped ideology; it is their ultimate goal.

The militant and radicalized Deep Green Resistance movement is urging their followers to engage in Decisive Ecological Warfare and launch “coordinated attacks on energy infrastructure around the world” in an effort to “guarantee the survival of a livable planet.” The attacks, they wrote, “would take whatever tactical form militants could muster—actions against pipelines, power lines, tankers, and refineries, perhaps using electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) to do damage. … The attacks would be as persistent as the militants could manage. Fossil fuel energy availability would decline by 90 percent.”

And the damage, they acknowledge, would be cataclysmic:

The industrial economy would come apart. Some, perhaps most, governments would institute martial law and rationing. … Most existing large-scale institutions would simply collapse … The death rate would increase, but as we have seen in examples from Cuba and Russia, civic order can still hold despite the hardships.

Apparently, there is a bright side to the mass destruction of civilized society. “Though the human population would decline, things would look good for virtually every other species. … Greenhouse emissions would have been reduced to a tiny fraction of their previous levels [and] runaway global warming would likely be averted.”

Now, you could dismiss this manifesto as the ranting of a handful of eco-terrorists who obviously didn’t get enough love when they were kids. But the troubling fact is the Deep Green Resistance is a growing subset of the anti-pipeline and “Keep It in the Ground” movements. The Deep Green Resistance Florida, for example, recently declared that the current methods of fighting the Sabal Trail pipeline are not working and that it’s time to implement Deep Green Resistance’s Decisive Ecological Warfare.

“DEW is offensive,” they wrote. “Learn more by reading the Deep Green Resistance book. Then join us in the fight!”

And Florida is not alone. There are literally thousands of people following dozens of Deep Green Resistance chapters on Facebook. They are even hosting an “Advanced Tactical Direct Action Training” workshop over Earth Day weekend in Eugene, Oregon designed for “activists who are tired of ineffective actions.” The two-day workshop will include “soft and hard blockades, hit and run tactics, police interactions, legal repercussions, operational security, terrain advantages, escalation, and more.”

The growing threat of violent actions at pipeline projects has attracted the attention of the Department of Homeland Security, which issued a report earlier this month warning of “attacks from eco-terrorists to anti-government militia on the Diamond pipeline project … that have the potential to cause mass casualties."

"The primary potential threat of violence against the Diamond Pipeline,” they wrote, “is from lone offenders who adhere to environmental rights extremist beliefs [including] some militia extremists who have well-rehearsed paramilitary skills, as well as access to and proficiency using firearms and explosives. As a result, successful violent attacks have the potential to cause mass casualties."

Despite agitating for the collapse of modern society that would lead to a decline in the human population, the founders of the Deep Green Resistance insist, “people are not the enemy here.” The enemy, they say, is simply the modern civilization in which we live which needs to be brought down by militant eco-terrorism.

The real enemies, of course, are extremists who are willing to destroy modern civilization in pursuit of a warped political agenda, which is something people should keep in mind before supporting the “Keep It in the Ground” movement.