Meet the Anti-pipeline “Water Protectors,” Part III: Naked Self-serving Hypocrisy

We recently exposed factions of the anti-pipeline “water keepers” as the terrorists, vandals and animal abusers they are. Today, we’re exploring the naked self-serving hypocrisy of this misguided “movement.”

Now that the Trans-Pecos Pipeline is complete and has federal approval to start piping natural gas across the border to Mexico, the activists who came to West Texas to “fight the black snake” are heading off to other protest sites … as soon as they can bum enough money for gas.

As Texans for Natural Gas recently reported, “Environmental activists in West Texas announced this week that they are relocating to Kansas after failing to stop the Trans-Pecos Pipeline. … In a March 29 Facebook post that was published apparently without irony, the activists asked for money to finance their relocation to the Sunflower State, noting that they ‘could use some help with gas’ to make the trip.”

And it’s not just gas that the anti-pipeline activists are hypocritically begging for. The Facebook page for the recently abandoned Two Rivers protest camp features a link to an Amazon Wish List of over 100 products the protesters want donated to their cause—most of which simply could not exist without petchems.

Not the Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tents.


Not the ALEKO 450 Watt 24 Volt Residential Wind Turbine Generator.

And certainly not the DJI Phantom 4 PRO Professional Drone.

(What do you guys need a drone for anyway? And why is the Ludell High Grade Steel Splitting Wedge on your “wish list”? What steel, exactly, were you folks planning to split?)

But perhaps the most egregious display of self-serving hypocrisy by the so-called “water protectors” is a Facebook photo collage of at least eight of the sun-ripened “protectors” taking a dip in the tank that holds drinking water for the locals.

While they tried to deny that they were contaminating the water, one person wrote, “I checked with the State, and their answer to me was it is too drinking water. They are going to look into the issue, as a CONCERN. … You have a couple of complaints, regarding your bathing in the water tank that the state has received. You should be more aware of what you are supposed to be standing for.”

On the up side it seems like things aren’t going so well for the activists in general these days. Said Frankie Orona, executive director of the Society of Native Nations and a Two Rivers camp leader, "I think the movement's dying down a lot throughout the country,” after the recent approval of both the Dakota Access pipeline and Keystone XL. “I think people are discouraged," he said.

If the response to the camp’s Amazon Wish List is any indication, he is absolutely correct. The group had asked for more than $25,000 in supplies but to date has received less than $800 worth of “gifts” from its supporters.