“What do you mean ‘we,’? Part Two

Tom Steyer’s audacious hypocrisy gets worse.

In his recent op-ed in The Washington Post, in which he warned that climate change may be “happening faster than scientists previously predicted,” he said if climate change actually is speeding up, “we would need to replace assets that had not reached the end of their usable lives — and that would affect industries beyond purely oil and gas.”

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Tom Steyer: The Audacity of Hype

On August 26, The Washington Post published an op-ed by billionaire-investor-turned-environmentalist Tom Steyer entitled “Can progress on climate change keep up with its quickening pace?”

The piece was such a rich mine of irony, hyperbole, and self-serving hypocrisy that Grounded in Fact will spend the next few days dissecting—and marveling at—the unparalleled audacity of Tom Steyer’s climate change hype.

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