In recent years, activists have adopted an extremist agenda designed to oppose and stigmatize the use of oil and natural gas.

This “Keep It in the Ground” movement has sought to:

  • Delay and prevent the construction of pipelines needed to transport oil and natural gas to provide affordable energy and fuel to millions of Americans;
  • Pressure pensions and university endowments to divest from oil and natural gas stocks, despite the economic harm that would cause retirees and students;
  • Try to get banks to stop funding oil and natural gas projects

With ties to the Deep Green Resistance—which endorses the downfall of industrialized society—this movement seeks to reduce fossil fuel use, regardless of the harm it would cause working Americans. After all, we depend upon oil and natural gas for fuel to transport people and goods; for electricity, heating and cooling; and for the millions of products (from laptops to trash bags) that we use every day.

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