Petrochemicals are all around us, in literally millions of products (from your cell phone to your shampoo bottle) that we take for granted every day. Petrochemicals (also called “petchems”) are derived from oil and natural gas, and are versatile chemicals that can be turned into plastics, synthetic fabrics (like nylon, spandex, or polyester), solvents, and adhesives, among many other uses.

In your home, you’ll find petrochemicals in laptops, TVs, air conditioning, refrigerators, carpet, electric outlets and wires, and much more, especially if you have a young child. After all, disposable diapers, car seats, pacifiers, humidifiers, and sippy cups all are made from petrochemicals.

And take a look in your medicine cabinet—from Neosporin to Band-Aids to childproof medicine bottles, petrochemicals are a critical component of our everyday health and safety.

Or check out your car—your seat belt is made from petrochemicals, as are airbags, car seats, dashboards, seat cushions, onboard entertainment units, and even tires.

Modern life depends upon petrochemicals, and life would be significantly less healthy, comfortable, affordable, and entertaining without them.

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